I don't remember a time when I wasn't the person that always had a camera, although I've come a long way from the Pocket Instamatic days. But though the equipment has improved, the purpose remains the same. I want to take pictures that make you say, 'Oh, do you remember...?' and share stories with your friends and family. Pictures that make you smile or laugh or cry, or maybe just stop and enjoy.

Many people are quick to dismiss a picture as 'just a snapshot,' as somehow not worthy of merit. It's not meaningful. It's not artistic. I don't quite agree with that philosophy, although certainly there are good snapshots and bad ones. But have you ever noticed how many people save pictures that are technically just awful? Out of focus. Under or over exposed. Heads cut off. Why do they do it?

Because they're not saving art. They're saving a small piece of life, a moment in time.